Local Standard

This is a great place to start for anyone who is new to vinyasa style yoga or anyone who loves to flow, but is looking for a little more mellow paced class. Our signature, all level class, will introduce a well rounded sequence of poses that is designed to strengthen and stretch muscles while providing a foundation for your vinyasa yoga practice. We break down the sequence, holding each posture to feel the depth and strength. Then together we flow, moving with breath to movement. Expect a variation of sun salutations, standing and seated postures, balance, twisting as well as some back bending. You will be gently challenged and playfully inspired, while building the foundation for your practice.

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Local Standard-Flow

Our signature Local Standard class with a little extra flow. This is an energetic and strengthening vinyasa flow class that will have you continuously moving. Experience a dynamic series of sequenced postures that seamlessly flow together. Accompanied by energizing music, this class will encourage you to move with intention and surpass your edge. Flow classes are not recommended for first time yogis. Faster pace with less modifications-familiarity with names and poses is recommended.

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Local Standard- Power

Our signature Local Standard class with a little more OOMPH! Create heat and strength in the body as you flow through strong sequences of traditional Sun Salutations and standing postures in this fast-paced, challenging flow. As you move, linking breath with movement, you will work to build strength and endurance, integrate balance and focus, as well as push towards your edge. Unique to each teacher, there may be more or less flow.

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This is a great class to begin to build the foundation for your yoga practice.  Just like all of our signature classes, you will  be working hard, but at a slower pace.  A great all around class focusing on correct alignment.  The teacher will offer modifications for every posture, along with a breakdown of many of the basic postures using helpful cues, assists and adjust.

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Local Standard-Basic

A supportive and healing practice using props, bolsters, and blankets to practice stillness and gentle movement in the body and breath. Revitalize the body and restore your nervous system. This is a deeply relaxing style of practice that leaves you refreshed and open.

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Local Restore

This Morning Quickie will open your body, unfold your breath and awaken your mind while setting the tone for the day. This standard flow class, will start off a little more chill as we begin to shake off the morning stiffness. All we need is 45 minutes to get you ready to conquer the day ahead.

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Morning Quickie

Join us in our candlelit studio with soothing music that helps you to leave behind the demands of the day. Through breath and posture, gain deeper awareness of your body and develop higher levels of strength, focus, and flexibility through a restorative class for all levels.

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Sweet Surrender

Vin + Yin is a “flow to slow” class designed to help you balance your energy and quiet your mind. During the first half of class you will flow through yoga poses, linking breath to movement, creating warmth and openness throughout the body. The second half of class you will gently transition to longer-held, calming Yin poses.  Practicing both a Vinyasa Flow (yang) and a Yin practice promotes better mobility and strength in your joints, ligaments and deep connective tissues while also challenging your mind to stay present. All levels welcome.

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Myofascial Release (MFR) uses various manual techniques to apply sustained pressure into the fascia to reduce and eliminate fascial restrictions, tightness and chronic posture and/or alignment issues.  This class is a thoughtfully developed series of poses focused on strengthening, building mindful awareness and bringing release to the fascial system. Through the guided use of props like foam rollers, lacrosse balls & sustained holds you will learn how to help manage pain and/or discomfort, increase/restore mobility and relieve tension. Created with all students in mind, everyone will benefit from relieving tools gained in class.
What exactly are "fascial systems"? Fascia is tough connective tissue that creates a web which extends from head to toe. The fascial system supports and stabilizes our entire body. In a healthy state, fascia is wound in a relaxed, wavy configuration. Trauma, repetitive motion, inflammation or poor posture can cause the fascia to become solidified and shortened. This change from healthy fascia can cause pain, loss of motion, weakness and joint compression. Many of the day to day pains and feelings of discomfort we experience can be helped by addressing our fascia.


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(the MF-eR as we like to call it)

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Sun-Day Ritual