• Remove shoes upon entering the yoga studio

  • Be on time! If you are running late, please DO NOT knock on door or glass! Out of consideration for those in class, no one will be let in after class has started. Our studio is an open space with entry doors opening onto a busy street. Opening the door after class has started would be too disruptive to students as well as the teacher. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class. With all that being said, if you know you will be a few minutes (5 min max) late-send a text, email or call to let us know what's up and we can try to make it work.

  • When you walk through the magical doors of our studio, phones disappear! Please leave your phone in your bag, tucked away ON SILENT (not vibrate) during class. We all know that there are exceptions to this rule-unforseen emergencies, sick kids at home but just remember there was once a time when no one had cell phones and we all survived! If something does come up, just chat with the teacher before class and we can figure something out.

  • Quiet little moments of peace...We encourage socializing in the studio, but please be mindful. Keep voices down when entering the studio space. It's not often that we get to sit and enjoy a few moments of silence with ourselves, so please honor those around you

  • Savasana rules...do not leave during savasana! Again, we know things come up and life happens. If you need to leave class early PLEASE let teacher know prior to start of class and plan to leave BEFORE savasana begins

  • Personal hygiene is a MUST-be considerate of others and take care of any potential body odors before coming to class. Please do not wear strong scented perfumes or lotions as many people are allergic or sensitive.

  • We are not responsible for ANY items left at studio. All collected items will be placed in the lost and found bin. Unclaimed items will be donated at the beginning of every month

  • Inform your teacher before class of any known injuries, conditions or if you are pregnant. Our teachers have a deep knowledge of anatomy and yoga but they are not doctors. Please chat with doctors about any concerns before practicing.

  • We are not your mothers! Be considerate of our wonderful space. Pick up after yourself, wipe up water/sweat around you. If you use studio blocks/straps/bolsters/blankets-put them back like you found them. When using the restroom, treat it like it's your own.

  • It's more than ok to laugh, smile and engage in our yoga classes. Have fun-it's just yoga!

  • Help us to make LOCAL YOGA a welcoming environment to everyone! Talk to others, invite them in, help them to feel that they are a part of this amazing community of yogis!